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What We Do

since 1998 Sunshine Industries is a leading and trustworthy manufacturer, supplier and exporter of wide range of Food Processing Machinery. We are expert in Fully and Semi automatic chapati making machines, Peda making machines, Dough kneading machines, and various allied parts to make your work in the kitchen quicker and more efficient. These machines are used to cater to all industries and our machines are are most appropriate for: Hostels, Ashrams, Factories / Industries, Gurudwaras, Railways, Defence, Caterers, Hospitals, or any other large establishment that needs to produce food efficiently in bulk without wastage of raw materials like dough. The output of a machine may vary from 600 to 2000 chapatis per hour depending on the requirement of the client.


Various Chapati Machines That Suit Different Business Needs.

  • Semi-Automatic Chapati Making Machine
  • Automatic Chapati Making Machine
  • Fully Automatic Chapati Making Machine
  • Peda Making Machine
  • Dough Kneading Machine

Why Opt For Sunshine Chapati Making Machines?

We at Sunshine believe in providing nothing but the best products and services to our customers. We have taken great pains to ensure that our products and services go beyond industry standards.

  • Save time & effort
  • Very compact & fast, makes 2000 chapatis per hour.
  • Simple, rugged design, requires no special skills to operate
  • Easy to clean and highly hygienic
  • Save LPG consumption
  • Insect Infestation Free
  • Uniformly cooked, high quality rotis.
  • Saving Manpower Cost

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