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Dough Kneading Machine

  • Model No. DNM-1 : 25Kgs
  • Model No. DNM-2 : 35Kgs

Along with our range of premium quality fully automatic and automatic chapati making products, we are also a leading manufacturer and supplier of the best quality Dough Kneading Machines.

These flour kneading machines are easy to operate, and offer great time savings along with a standardized preparation. They can perform the labour of several hands at once, and can knead dough thoroughly and uniformly. The aim is to ensure thorough utilisation and minimal wastage of raw materials.

These machines are so easy to operate that their function can easily be taught to unskilled labourers. They are robust and reliable, and will work for several years without breakdowns or glitches.

Dough kneading machine: 25 kgs, Model DNM-1
Dough kneading machine 35 kgs, Model DNM-2

Model No. DNM-1

(Dough Kneading Machine)

25 Kgs

Model No. DNM-2

(Dough Kneading Machine)

35 Kgs


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