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Automatic Chapati Making Machine

  • Model No. SS02 : 1000 per Hour
  • Model No. SS09 : 1000 per Hour
  • Model No. SS10 : 2000 per Hour

This is the most compact, simplified & easy to use chapati making machine available in the Indian market. All you need to do is to make the dough balls by hand, and then place them in the machine. The machine then takes care of the pressing and baking.
The entire system is designed to ensure guaranteed satisfaction to the consumer along with 100% accountability of standardized mass production. We aim for evenly cooked chapatis with no patches of raw dough, so that the consumer is provided with the perfect experience.
It is an extremely simple machine and can be operated by ordinary labour through minimal training. It is not at all difficult to understand, and can be easily taught to any employee.
The Machine’s robust construction ensures virtually no breakdowns & minimum maintenance. It is guaranteed to keep working for ages, without a need for repairs and other complications.

It can be accompanied with a dough ball making machine and a dough kneader to make a complete set.

1. Rotary indexing type: 1000 per hr , model SS02
2. Triple conveyor type: 1000 per hr , model SS09
3. Triple conveyor type: 2000 per hr , model SS10

Model No. SS02

(Rotary Tawa Baking Unit)

1000 Chapatis per Hour

Model No. SS09

(Triple Conveyor Type)

1000 Chapatis per Hour

Model No. SS10

(Triple Conveyor Type)

2000 Chapatis per Hour


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